About Taglor

The idea for Taglor started after one holiday season when preparing for our family Secret Santa was less magical than expected. Family members would be sending emails back and forth with products they liked, links to products, pictures, etc. The process was unorganized and became so painful that the following Christmas we basically exchanged gift cards of the same value. We saw a problem within our own family and when we spoke to our friends we realized this was a problem that a lot of our friends were having, not just with Christmas, but all shopping. Managing and sharing information on products was difficult.

We decided that we wanted to provide a solution that could ease the pain points that people were having. What we saw as the core problems were sharing wish-lists, and keeping track of our stuff. The Taglor app solves these problems in a fun and social way. Users can manage their personal wish-lists, and organize their items easily.

We hope that Taglor is one step in the right direction, but we will be working hard to make things even easier.

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If you’re interested in partnering with Taglor, please email support@taglor.com. Please describe what you have in mind and we’re open to discussing opportunities.

Ambassador Program

If you are interested in being a Taglor Ambassador please check out the Infosheet.

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