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Jaybird X2 Earbuds – The Best Sports Headphones?

Justin Thomas by Justin Thomas 3 years ago

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After reviewing the Bose SoundSport In-Ear earbuds I set my mind on finding the best sport headphones. The Jaybird X2 is where all my research led me to. The Jaybird X2’s are a remake of the Jaybird Bluebuds X which were highly regarded by everyone that got their hands on them. The Jaybird X2 provides a superior audio experience with a deep bass that is powerful but not overpowering, clear highs, a strong bluetooth connection, and a plethora of ear-tips that help you find the perfect fit in your ear. The earbuds come with numerous “fins” which can be attached to the earbuds that can help hold the earbuds in place. The sweat resistant design is phenomenal, but just incase your earbuds get damaged Jaybird gives a lifetime warranty against sweat damage(wow!). The earbuds come in multiple colors and the price varies depending on what color you want. On Amazon the price ranges from $135-$189 for the earbuds. The price was initially $179.99 for the earbuds which had a lot of customers and experts turning away, but since then the price has dropped enough to make this well worth the cost. There are cheaper options for sports headphones, but you’re paying for the best if you get a pair of these.

The most important factor for sports headphones is how comfortably they fit. If they continuously fall out of your ear or are a pain to wear then they do not do their basic functional job. The Jaybird X2’s have nailed the performance on these earbuds. To tailor to many different people the company provides a total of 12 different ear tips and 6 different fins.
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I would say it’s relatively easy to find a combination that gives you the perfect fit. The perfect fit will help you truly experience the sound that the earbuds provide. What you will hear is perfectly explained by the experts at SoundGuys,”

Once I got the right fit, I found the lows to be powerful without going over the top. Bass is well defined without giving way to boominess. The sub bass on Run The Jewels’ “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” offered up plenty of rumble without overpowering the vocal as can sometimes happen with lesser in-ears.

Burying the mids has become a trend among in-ears in this price range, but thankfully Jaybird hasn’t followed suit with the X2s. Fans of hip-hop and EDM won’t find the X2s to be too mid-forward, but the massive dip in mids present in some in-ears doesn’t appear here. The guitars, keys, and vocal harmonies on Jessica Lea Mayfield’s “Standing In The Sun” all found their place in the song, standing out without crowding each other.

High-end roll-off is generally a necessity with in-ears, as the drivers being so close to the listeners ears could easily lead to piercing highs without it. That said, it’s been overdone in plenty of headphones within the last year, and again Jaybird hasn’t followed the trend. The high end is open-sounding and clear, but avoids harshness. Even after listening to all of METZ’s latest album “II,” my ears weren’t fatigued.”

What People Are Saying
The Jaybird X2’s have a 9.0 rating at SoundGuys and a 90% out of 100% rating by SoundReview. Many people had rated these headphones lower during their initial reviews because of the high price, but since the price has dropped the reviews would surely change. PCMag says,

“The wireless Jaybird X2 headphones offer an exceptionally secure fit and solid Bluetooth audio performance, making them ideal for athletes.”

For an indepth video review on the headphones check out Marques Brownlee’s Youtube video.

While there are many great headphones out there, the Jaybird X2 stands above the rest. It has built on the success of it’s predecessor the Bluebuds X, and refined the earbuds to provide a superior comfort and audio experience. The earbuds are on the pricey end, but if you keep a look out at Amazon for different color options you can snag them for a great price. These are truly great earbuds for athletes.

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