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Game Play
This year’s Madden 16 game play is MUCH better than its predecessors. It is probably my favorite Madden ever. As a Colts fan, I grew up with the Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne 10-15 yard comeback routes. I grew accustomed to watching Reggie Wayne, almost every time, stretch out to catch a comeback route, tap his two feet in bounds, and the cornerback just watch helplessly. It literally could not be guarded. After years of playing Madden I could never understand how Madden was unable to duplicate that route and catch animation. My receiver either would not properly come back, or the quarterback would lead him out of bounds. This year it’s a whole different ball game! The guy’s over at EA added multiple different catch buttons to the game, my favorite being the Possession Catch, which allows for your favorite receivers to make their trademark catches. As you throw to a receiver, an icon will pop up above their head, indicating what the computer has determined to be the best option for “type of catch” – possession, aggressive, and run-after-catch scenarios. This years Madden Game Play has made significant strides. IGN says about the game,

Simply put, Madden NFL 16 changes the way you play the game. The risk vs. reward aspect of the new passing and defending mechanics adds a level of realism the franchise has never seen. You can catch and throw the ball pretty much exactly how you want, and it feels great when you can pull a big play because of it.

Improved Catching
For Xbox and PlayStation users, simply hitting the X/A button, could be the difference between your receiver catching an 18 yard corner route, tapping his feet in, and stepping out of bounds. Peyton would be proud. RAC catches put you in position to get big yardage following the reception. Also, another key addition to the game play is the Aggressive Catch. While Calvin Johnson and Odell Beckham Jr aren’t my favorite receivers in the league, Madden 16 blessed these guys with the ability to make catches in double and triple coverage, by simply pressing Triangle/Y. It’s safe to say in this year’s Madden, your stars will shine!

Check out the below video to see what I’m talking about!

More Engaging Game Modes

Like previous Madden games, Madden 16 offers users the ability to play with friends online or by yourself in a competitive Connected Franchise. The user has the ability to play as their favorite teams, coaches, and owners. They also included a new advanced XP feature to help progress your favorite players faster. In addition, EA stepped up the Scouting and Drafting features. In this year’s Madden, players are given a set amount of scouting points that they can utilize to scout prospects and these points are replenished weekly. They have really tried to get the user integrated into the franchise mode as much as possible.

Madden Ultimate Team

Lastly, the Madden Ultimate Team in this game is AWESOME. Imagine creating a team from top to bottom with all your favorite players whether they’re current players or legends. They’re all now options to be controlled. Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, are all signature in the card set, which features other awesome legends as well. EA really did their thing with this, and has even added a $50,000 challenge to it as well. Overall, this is probably the best feature of this year’s game.


What I Don’t Like
While this year’s Madden has been one of my favorites overall, it occasionally has moments where you want to crack the disk. Player traits are now integrated with their ability to get penalties. As a result, certain players are more likely to get penalties until their “Penalty” rating is improved. This virtually makes teams like Buffalo and Tampa terrible to play with. Also, the “Play Receiver”/”Play Ball” feature for cornerbacks could still use some work. I find too often that higher tier’d cornerbacks are constantly getting “Moss’d” by below average receivers. The guys over at EA needs to figure out a better way to allow for stud corners to dominate. There is also an issue with speed in the game. Cornerbacks are not nearly as fast as some of the receivers, and in certain instances even top corners cannot cover guys like Perriman, and Mario Alford.


Overall, for this year’s Madden I would rate it 8.5/10. Check out the official Taglor Rating below. Until next time.

-Ya Boy Kareem

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