Women’s Nike Free Flyknit Review

Jen Varghese by Jen Varghese 4 years ago

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It’s no secret people love to workout in style. Whether it’s patterned tights, fitted warmers, or colorful sneakers, we all have at least one workout gear obsession. The Nike Free Flyknits are conveniently perfect for most workouts and even casual wear, which is definitely a plus. They’re designed to create a formfitting and lightweight feel to the soles of your feet. Nike’s new technlogy makes it possible to ditch the socks while still maintaining a snug and desirable fit. To top it all off, they’re super comfortable and stylish!

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Nike Free Scale

Nike Flyknits have been the latest addition to my endless collection of shoes, and I must say they’ve become my new favorite. From my workouts to my walks to and from classes, they have been nothing but comfortable. These definitely top any sneaker I have ever tried. I personally give these shoes a 95/100, but check out the offical Taglor Rating below.

Taglor Rating:
Nike Free Flyknit

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Where to Buy?
Nike, Footlocker, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Modell’s

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